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Online Workshop Training

Online Workshop training will be conducted on 18th December 2020 to provide training related to prior learning assessments. Online workshop training will emphasize the ways by which much-needed support can be provided to the working professionals in fulfilling their career goals. We have selected online workshops as a cost-effective way of continuing professional development. Our online workshop training will also focus on assessing the knowledge that is acquired by students in their high school, careers, military service, and community service.

The Online Workshop Training Event will feature key note speakers specifically linked with the innovative and evidence-based research on Prior Learning Assessment programs that benefit students with the credits. They will explain how an area of learning can be easily transformed into the college credit as it relates to what is taught in a course at a regionally accredited University. Moreover, online workshop training will pinpoint both acquired learning and the needs of training participants who want to work for their career advancement.

This training workshop will guide job seekers in the utilization of their previous work experiences to continue their studies to get long term employability. Their previous experiences always show additional utility for incumbent workers and job seekers. The workforce system might consider the evaluation of the individual’s learning as the basis for connecting both the employers and job seekers in effective ways. The learning portfolio developed in this training can be expanded to include future training interests with the previous work-related accomplishments.

There will be a clear explanation regarding prior learning assessment and linking working professionals with employers and career opportunities in the training session. The connections that will be formed in this training when all the experts will come together and the results expected from this training are also very strong!

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