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2020 Annual Conference on 15th January

2020 Annual Conference will be held on 15th January for celebrating the major achievements of 2020 and gearing up for 2020.

2020 Annual Conference will mark a way of providing support to working professionals according to the changing needs of businesses and organizations. The main theme of our conference is the learner-centered approach where both the trainers and learners share the responsibility for the enhancement of learning process. Our speakers will shed light on how organizations have faced increasing pressure to think out of the box and go beyond the task-based training to facilitate the career development process.

They will also highlight the broad range of working professional education programs by making it significant to select a high-quality program that aligns perfectly with your career goals. Other than that, working professional programs should focus on teaching the most valuable skills to students. They will focus on key aspects of working professional programs with the special emphasis on teaching specialized skills that can be put into practice and content that is understandable by students.

Join the United States Education Council for the working professional learning on 15th January that will focus on uplifting the careers of working professionals. United States Department Of Academic Accreditation 2020 Conference will take place where the experts and advocates from all over the world will focus on how to improve the success measure of the students pursuing part-time studies like working professionals. It will help in understanding the needs of employers to align training and education for the fulfillment of adult learners' needs.

Over the years, our conferences have become an important event at national and regional level in the United States. Moreover, other than attracting leading conference speakers and students, the conference brings business leaders, conference speakers, and policymakers from all over the world at one place. We look forward to welcoming you at the conference, join us, explore new collaboration opportunities, develop new connections and be intellectually motivated!

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