Equip Your Advisors

& Integrate Prior Learning Assessment with Driving PLA Program

Implement prior learning assessment at your institution

Driving PLA program helps you promote Prior Learning Assessment at your institution, engages and empowers students and leads to a higher degree completion rate – supporting adult student success. The severity of competition for working adult students is drastically increasing. If your institution is not consistently improving its services that are being provided to the working adults, then it is not meeting the requirements and is falling behind.

United States Department Of Academic Accreditation helps colleges and universities evolve and get adept in adjusting to the rapidly changing high education system, in order to thrive and cater to the working learners’ needs the best.

Driving PLA Program Benefits


Endorses PLA among students

Increases students fimiliarity with you PLA programs’ learning outcomes

Share student summary reports with advisors

Lead students to faster degree completion


Provides an interface to view student-reported data on education, work and life experiences to assess the candidacy level of PLA Students

Develops structure and consistency

Assists as a resource for information on PLA


Engages students with an interactive tool that promotes PLA

Allows students to self-assess their learning

Allows students to see their learning through PLA programs’ learning outcomes

Shows the students' value of past experiences

United States Department Of Academic Accreditation Prior Learning Assessment Services

United States Department Of Academic Accreditation Standards for Assessing Learning serve as a guide for institutions to use in creating, implementing and evaluating assessment strategies. Our workshops, trainings, tools and services help institutes in structuring and integrating PLA, ensuring that they are successfully supporting working learners in reaching their academic goals.

Develop Knowledge Of Assessment

United States Department Of Academic Accreditation offers many workshops to provide professional development for your staff and faculty about PLA.

  • Fundamentals of PLA
  • Faculty Assessor Training
  • Assessing Military Prior Learning for Academic Credit
  • Creating PLA-Friendly Syllabus and Learning Outcomes
  • Designing and Developing Institutional Exams for your PLA Program

Augment Prior Learning Assessment

United States Department Of Academic Accreditation offers consulting services to help you enhance your PLA programs.

  • PLA Policy Creation and Refinement
  • PLA Process Mapping
  • Employer Training to College Credit

PLA Services And Tools

United States Department Of Academic Accreditation offers online tools to support PLA programs. They steer students through questions regarding their learning experiences, gathering a complete scoop of PLA opportunities which allows the advisors to have a more comprehensive conversation about PLA with students.

Empowering Working Adult Learners

One in five working adults have some form of college credits but do not have a degree. Majority of those individuals tried at college but could not finish their degree. Only a fraction of working of adults manage to complete their degrees at traditional schools. There are millions of educational institutes competing to enroll the small pool of students, therefore, having an upper edge to attract them is of importance. Invest in your institution by integrating Prior Learning Assessment as part of your program and encourage working learner to enroll in your programs.

USDAA’s Membership

The eminent mission of the United States Department Of Academic Accreditation is to support the coordination of work and learning. We are best positioned to succeed at improving the nation's workforce.