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2020 Online Workshop Training in December

Providing training related to prior learning assessments

  • 18th December 2020
  • Training
  • New york

Online Workshop training will be conducted on 18th December, 2020 in order to provide training related to prior learning assessments. The online workshop training will mainly emphasize on the ways by which support can be provided to the working professionals in fulfilling their educational goals.

There will be clear explanation regarding prior leaning assessment and linking working professionals with the employers and career opportunities in the training session. The connections that will be formed in this training when all the experts will come together and the results expected from this training are also very strong!

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2021 Annual Conference on 15th January

Providing working professional pathways to the success

  • 15th January 2021
  • Conference
  • New york

2021 Annual Conference will be held on 15th January for celebrating the major achievements of 2020 and gearing up for 2021.

Join the United States Department Of Academic Accreditationfor the working professional learning on 15th January that will focus on uplifting the careers of working professionals. The USDAA 2020 Conference will take place where the experts and advocates from all over the world will focus on how to improve the success measure of the students pursuing part-time studies like working professionals. It will help in understanding the needs of employers to align training and education for the fulfilment of adult learner’s needs.

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Our Conference Speakers

Leroy, Phd
(Biomedical Physics)

Mary, MBA
(Business Administration)

Randall, Phd
(Ethics and legal studies)

Wei C, Phd
(Management & Leadership)

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