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United States Department of Academic Accreditation is the non-profit council aiming to contribute to private and public educational areas for permitting students to achieve the required education and training. USDAA recognizes the career growth of the working individuals by enhancing their complete learning process and then making use of it in their professional growth. We strive to set educational benchmarks upon the quality standards of US accreditation that will enable the institutions to meet the quality higher education standards accompanying the best practices.

Working Learner 360

Providing solutions to Universities and Colleges for serving adult learners that will help in improving enrollment, increasing persistence, and influencing completion and engagement.

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Driving PLA

Promoting prior learning assessment by engaging students of Universities and Colleges. Allows understanding the areas where the college credit can be easily granted for prior learning.

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Study and Earn

Empowering jobseekers to look for career pathways. Providing visibility into the high-growth industries by highlighting employers' needs.

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United States Department Of Academic Accreditation Latest News

Effective Ways to Re-engage Adult Learners

24 - OCTOBER - 2020

One in five adult learners have jobs, family responsibilities, and financial constraints. Many grown-up students take semesters off to sort the pressing issues that are happening in their lives and some do not return to get quality higher education. Read More

Employee education investment can reduce turnover

30 - SEPTEMBER - 2020

For over a decade, the rate of employees leaving their jobs has risen at a significant rate. Each year, more than 40 million employees leave their jobs voluntarily, leaving employers reluctant in terms of their choices to invest in the training of employees. Read More

Instilling Persistence in Adult Learners for Greater Retention

05 - SEPTEMBER - 2020

The demographics of higher education are experiencing unprecedented shifts with declining enrollments due to conflicting interests and responsibilities of learners. Read More

Events Calendar

2020 Online Workshop Training in December

Online workshop training will be conducted on 18th December to provide training related to new advancements in courses to the overall faculty. There will be clear explanation regarding the prior learning assessments in the training session..

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2020 Annual Conference on 15th January

2020 United States Department Of Academic Accreditation Annual Conference Registration on 15th January Now Open!

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Why Research Matters?

United States Department Of Academic Accreditation aims at supporting students by conducting research and providing them education and training that is required by them.
  • We work by looking for the right ways in order to link the education of the individuals to their careers and their work experiences.
  • We provide support to the Students for making it easier for them to earn their credentials and degrees much faster.
  • Following are some of the ways by which it can be improved:

Working Learner 360

Career Development

Economic and Workforce Development

Prior Learning Assessment


Military Linked Students

USDAA’s Membership

The eminent mission of the United States Department Of Academic Accreditation is to support the coordination of work and learning. We are best positioned to succeed at improving the nation's workforce.